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Stainless And Alloy Wire Packing

Hightop Metal Wire offers a variety of packaging options while ensuring wire quality during transport. We offer you the option to specify the type of spool you prefer, or we can recommend the type of spool that we think is best for your specific needs.

Some alloys are subject to corrosion and we will add desiccant packs to the bag to provide additional protection for the wire.

Wire in Spools

Image No.Spool TypeABCDEWire Diameter RangeMax. Weight
1DIN 8016mm50mm80mm64mm80mm≤ 0.25mm0.8 Kg
.63″2.00″3.15″2.50″3.15″≤ .010″1.7 lb
2DIN 10016mm64mm100mm80mm100mm0.19-0.4mm1.5 Kg
.63″2.50″3.90″3.15″3.90″.0076″-.016″3.3 lb
3DIN 12516mm80mm125mm100mm125mm0.19-0.55mm3 Kg
.63″3.15″4.90″3.90″4.90″.0076″-.022″6.5 lb
4DIN 16022mm100mm160mm128mm160mm0.25-0.71mm5 Kg
.865″3.90″6.30″5.04″6.30″.010″-.028″11 lb
5DIN 20036mm125mm200mm160mm200mm0.4-0.81mm10 Kg
1.40″4.92″7.875″6.30″7.875″.016″-.032″22 lb
6DIN 25036mm160mm250mm160mm200mm0.4-1.5mm20 Kg
1.40″6.30″10.0″6.30″7.875″.016″-.060″44 lb
7DIN 35536mm225mm355mm162mm200mm1.0-3.0mm40 Kg
1.40″8.75″14.0″6.25″8.0″.040″-.118″88 lb
very fine stainless steel wire

Wire in Coils

Wire DiameterCoil DiameterMaximum Coil Weights
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